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There would be no Halloween if not for the Celts. Neither is Calasade free of Celtic influence. Nor would Calasade exist without readers. Aio, a great contest-giveaway is the perfect way to honor all, but I digress and must ask now that I think about it…

What was the Church thinking when it replaced “pagan” holidays with ones steeped in somberness? Was their goal to depress everyone? Perhaps it was to make themselves hypocrites. You know, THOU SHALT NOT LIE, yet the Church fibbed about Jesus being born on December 25th. That’s probably the biggest perversion when it comes to replacing the so-called pagan holidays with religious ones, but another instance I find offensive is Louis the Pios moving All Saints Day from May 13th to November 1st in 835 to replace Là Samhna. Please read up on Samhain should you wish to know more about why I honor the Celts.

At any rate, most of you are not here for a lesson in History. You’re here for the goodies. :)

No tricks here, just treats.


Prizes include a free signed copy of Sanguinem Isle with full-color art. This alone is a $40.00 value, but the winner also gets a signed 8×10 jigsaw puzzle, a $30.00 value, which comes in a metal tin all nice and shiny. These puzzles are not sold in stores, so they are rare. The winner can choose their puzzle from twenty-three different variations:



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