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Research consumes most of my time having based Calasade on Ancient Rome. Mean feat creating a fictional world. That’s neither bragging nor a complaint, mind you, just a bit of information. Truth is, writing counts as the only thing for which I hold more passion than increasing my knowledge of Ancient Rome. Said labor of love includes travelling to Ancient Roman places, watching documentaries, series, and movies. The majority of research, however, involves reading everything from original writings from those who lived in Ancient Rome to fictional works such as those written by Robert Harris, Steven Saylor, and M.C. Scott.

Harris is among my favorites. He has a way of breathing life into Ancient Rome which puts you right there that few authors possess. If you’ve read him, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you should. And in either case this is no normal book, but a signed first edition hardcopy.

Click the cover below to enter the contest. Good luck! :)

Pompeii Cover


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  • Sandra Mcdaniel

    This promises to be a wonderful read. I would be honoured to add to my Library.

    • Calasade


      Author Reply

      Good luck, Sandra! It’s a TERRIFIC story.

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