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The First Task refers to two quests. One (A Prince’s Favor) is for Bhelen while A Lord’s Trust is for (of course) Harrowmont. Why just do one when you don’t yet have to pick between them? Besides, at this point you have no personal experience with either as these are the proving tasks you must do in order to show your allegiance, so take them both. A Prince’s Favor by talking to the smarmy Vartag Gavorn within the Chamber of Assembly. You’ll find Dulin Forender, Harrowmont’s second, just outside the chamber.

Now is when things get tricky. Do A Prince’s Favor first, after which go directly to the Proving in order to complete A Lord’s Trust.

A Prince’s Favor gives you your first taste of the Deep Roads wherein you’ll run across Darkspawn o’ plenty and these irritating little bastards called deepstalkers. You’ll find them similar to goblins, assuming you’ve ever played D&D. Be prepared for a couple VERY tough battles inside Aeducan Thaig. Might be a good idea to send your weakest into the fray first to take the brunt of emissary assaults.

Damn fun stuff, though.

A Lord’s Trust gets you access to the Proving. The regulated fights aren’t that difficult with the last being an exception (Piotin Aeducan and his Right Hand are particular bitches to kill). If you want true challenges, search the building to find unsanctioned bouts in one of the alcoves in the great rooms off to the sides. Have a good collection of healing potions. You’ll likely need them.

After completing both tasks, visit Bhelen or Harrowmont, whichever you like the least. Agree to the second task, then go see the other. This is the point you can work both sides. Me, I preferred Harrowmont given Bhelen’s overall creep factor and his rather dubious history, so I saw Bhelen before I hunted down Dulin Forender at Tapster’s Tavern (original name, huh?). Doing so gives you an extra quest called Shifting Allegiances.

Funny thing about Orzammar. It’s the source of golems, which have become exceedingly rare. But no one bats an eye should you go there with Shale. Among the greater weaknesses of Dragon Age is lack of reaction by non-NPCs. Fight near them, they don’t run. Bring something or someone noteworthy near them and they say nothing. Really hurts the immersion sometimes.

The First Task Points


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