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Prelude to some intrigue and true excitement. In my opinion no other part of DA:O epitomizes role-playing and challenging play as well as Orzammar. You know things are going to be good when a band of tough bounty hunters jumps you and your party while you travel Frostback Mountain Pass before you even get to Orzammar. On the way to Orzammar you can clean up some quests you picked up in Denerim and other areas. These include Tomas the Deserter from the Dereliction of Duty quest, unfortunate Starrick the Apprentice who’s lost his job, and lowly Brian from the False Witness assignment. Tomas can be difficult depending on your PC’s level. No fighting Starrick, of course, who is actually honored to be fired (which I found amusing) and Brian, well, he’s unarmed. Fists don’t really work against an armored apparent wielding a sword and backed by three others.

With other quests out of the way, you’ll head to massive doors that access Orzammar. Here you’ll find them closed, but don’t fret. Those Warden papers you picked up way back when in the Korcari Wilds will get you in.

Of course, before you do decide to go in, you can deal with a certain prick named Imrek, the man who demands to be let into Orzammar because he’s the appointed messenger of “King” Loghain. Deserves to have his ass kicked, but be prepared. While he’s no real challenge, his companions are. One is a mage who casts protection from magic spells, so don’t bother sending your mage after that one unless your mage is an arcane warrior.

After doing away with him, head to Orzammar. Not too much exciting happens at first. Take this opportunity to learn all you can about Orzammar. It’s a fascinating location. That and the gained knowledge will come in VERY handy later. Among the things you’ll pick up is Orzammar has no king and two people are vying for the throne. Prince Bhelen and Lord Harrowment. Bhelen’s the liberal between the two and shady. Worse than shady. I would say that’s a spoiler, but this is obvious from the get go. Harrowmont is an honorable stalwart. He’s dangerous in that his philosophy could create more divide between the dwarves of Orzammar and surface humans.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Learn what you can, enjoy what you can here and pick up all the quests you can. I quite enjoyed the conversations between my PC and other party members as well as those my PC entertained with Orzammar’s citizens. Be sure to talk to Leliana about Orzammar. She’ll confess to wanting a nug for a pet. There’s a guy in Dust Town who can get you one. Course, getting to him isn’t easy. You’ll be jumped by a handful of dwarves.

FYI 1. You’ll have other reasons for going to Dust Town if you visit Orzammar’s Hall of Memories before coming to Dust Town.

FYI 2. Don’t be hasty in picking between Harrowmont and Bhelen. In fact, you’d be wise to play both for as long as possible.

FYI 3. Role-playing at this early stage of Orzammar is near nonexistent, but that changes later. Oh, how it changes.

FYI 4. Unlike the bulk of Orzammar and its quests, this early stage is a bit slow.

Introduction to Orzammar Points


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