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Return to Ostagar, while short on role-playing, is one of the most rewarding DLCs. It takes you back to Ostagar for a bit of vengeance on the Darkspawn after they killed King Cailen and Duncan, Ferelden’s Grey Warden commander. Too, completing this quest gains you some kick-ass armor and weapons. The armor is Cailen’s and I can think of no party member who deserves to wear it more than Alistair. Not to throw out any spoilers, but you’d have to be fairly blind to not see the…ahem…familial resemblance.

EA should have gone to greater lengths to differentiate Cailen and Alistair, so there is actually some surprise about Alistair’s true importance.

But I digress. Let’s get back to Return to Ostagar.

Kick it off by visiting Bann Loren’s Lands (one of the yellow icons on your game map). There you’ll run into a band of no-gooders hassling a member of Cailen’s honor guard. You can choose to wait until these no-gooders leave, but why pass on an opportunity to thin the ranks of those supporting Loghain, the man who wants your Warden dead?

After killing them, continue onward to Ostagar, which is now open to you.

The fun begins right away. As Alistair says, the Darkspawn sure know how to make a place seem desolate and foreboding. Hopefully, you’re well-stocked on health poultices. You’re going to need them. And (hopefully) you’ve emptied your inventory as much as you can because there is loot galore in this DLC. You will probably have to return to camp once or twice to unload and heal from injuries.

Definitely do the latter before you enter the Tower of Ishal. Gotta say, I was really amped to revisit that a second time seeing how going through its floors were so exciting the first time. Gotta say, too, I was extremely disappointed that the place is now full of grunts, each of whom you can slay with a single swing of your sword.

No challenge.

At least not then, but lo and behold, there is a surprise. You can no longer go up the tower. You must descend into its depths. There you run into tougher Darkspawn, but they aren’t your main concern. That is reserved for the damn spiders. They’re all over the place and love descending from the ceiling.

Fun, fun, fun.

Followed by another surprise. The Risen Ogre. Yes, the very same who crushed Cailen is brought back to life. He can be a real bitch to slay. Even after he’s dead, you’ll have to kill off several skeletons before facing the Genlock necromancer. Me, I thought it a bit unfair to confront him with my entire party, so Morrigan alone faced him.

Manum ad manum certamine!

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