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Rarely are DLCs worth the money. Their playing-time is short and they too often have nothing to do with the main storyline of the game in question. The Stone Prisoner is an exception at least so far as it comes into play heavily with a later main quest and contributes to the overall storyline. Fact is that without the Stone Prisoner, you won’t have a very serviceable, humorous (and rather catty) companion. Shame on EA for not including this with the original release of the game.

Shameless cash grab.

Still, this DLC was worth the money upon release and I’m glad to say EA included it in the Ultimate Edition of DA:O; improved exponentially through the presence of Shale, a golem whose owner nastily downsized it.

Now, while the initial part of The Stone Prisoner is rather short, it does give you access to another area later, so you get a decent-sized add-on when you take the weapons and other items you gain along with the playing-time and challenge of retrieving Shale (in order to do so, you must take back a town called Honnleath overrun with Darkspawn) and combine all the aforementioned with that of discovering who Shale was prior to becoming a golem. A rather humorous and touching discovery which is not covered with this post (look for a follow-up post that will be titled Cadash Thaig).

And, since I’m only writing about the village of Honnleath, that’s all which will be scored in this review/walkthrough. You must visit Sulcher’s Pass (one of the yellow icons on your game map) to gain access to Honnleath and obtain the control rod for Shale. Be prepared for lots and lots of fighting once you travel to Honnleath.

Video of Stone Prisoner:

Stone Prisoner Points


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