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Talk to Levi Dryden at your campsite to get Soldier’s Peak started. Admittedly, Soldier’s Peak has nothing to do with the main story of Dragon Age: Origins. It is DLC/premium content (otherwise known as content that should have been included in the game upon release but was kept out so EA could make a little cash grab after the original release date, then again when they packaged Soldier’s Peak and other DLC in the Ultimate Edition of DA:O).

Now, that’s not to say Soldier’s Peak isn’t interesting because it is. Who doesn’t feel a chill at the thought of recovering a base that hasn’t been used in over a century? Plenty of intrigue given what happened at the Peak has been lost (or covered up, rather). Turns out there was a rebellion that involved your Warden’s ancestors. Turns out there are ghosts and demons o’ plenty; one with whom you can side. Odious, no, teaming up with a demon? It’s either with said demon or a disgruntled (perhaps insane) old mage. My line of thinking aligns with that of the old mage; that no god ever forbade blood magic and, with blood magic being the most potent type of magic, such should be investigated and used, especially in times of a Blight.

While I fault the writing of Soldier’s Peak for passing over how the old mage survived for a century plus, the DLC does present several choices. And role-playing is all about having choices. Sadly, none you make here possess any long lasting impact despite one in particular portending otherwise.

Overall, though, quite enjoyable.

Take the time to read up on the history of Soldier’s Peak (one of the side-quests involves finding old tomes informing on just that) as you play through. Actually, take the time to read everything the game makes available. This deepens your gaming experience. Probably right here I sound like a hypocrite if you’ve noticed I haven’t done what I’m preaching. Keep in mind this is the tenth or so time I’ve played DA:O. J

Even so, I intend to go through the journal before I start my next quest. Refresh the memory and all that.

Walk-through video of Soldier’s Peak:





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