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Well, what the Sam Hill…?

Ah yah, as promised a couple days ago, this here’s the new release of Gunslinger Greed, free on Wattpad. Now, Earl C. Wade, gunslinger he is, he ain’t for everybody. Ornery cuss. Ill-tempered. Twisted. Dark. Sick.

Bad man he is, though, he’s not the scariest thing you’ll come upon roamin’ these pages.

Not by a long sight, mister. Or miss. Misses. What have ya.

C’mon. Welcome to stay as long as ya like. Or don’t like. How’s your constitution?

Can’t rightly say the temperature’s easy on a body nor the environment, but I can promise you’ll be entertained. Might want to keep a bucket handy.

Ya know, case the feelin’ comes over ya of needin’ ta upchuck.

Click the cover. Should ya dare ta venture on.

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