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Some time ago I penned a novelette for Dark Moon Press to be included in their anthology featuring tales of urban folklore. The story I wrote was Gunslinger Greed, about a gunman who becomes so greedy a wendigo comes after him. While the main character Earl C. Wade fascinated me in a rather revolting way, the writing was decidedly…Indie.

What do I mean?

The majority of Indie authors tend to miss or fall short with one critical component necessary for polished writing, like what you see in most traditionally published books.


My work prior to Sanguinem Isle was no exception. Flow takes practice. Flow requires subtlety, a shift from one paragraph to the next that is blind to the reader. Gunslinger Greed was CHOPPY. The better I got at the craft through increasing my reading-time (reading is the #1 practice any writer can do to improve), the greater I realized the choppiness in Gunslinger Greed and wanted to fix it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing in between fits of writing CalasadeImpetus.

Sometimes a writer just needs a break from spewing words. When this happens and I get a creative boner, I do art. Hence, I present to you the new and improved cover for Gunslinger Greed.

Look for an announcement on this blog as to when the entire re-edited story gets posted as a free read on Wattpad and authormarkstone.com (for Kindle and EPUB devices). Will be very soon.

Click on the following to see the full-sized cover.

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