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Yesterday I wrote about The Great Courses. Keeping in the vein of education, today we’ll discuss coursera.org. In addition to doing research, writing, illustrations, and software, I currently am taking (no, I don’t sleep a lot) coursera’s Creative Writing course.

“Whoa,” you say, “but you’re already an author. One who has won an award and are well-received, so what the hell are you doing taking a creative writing course?”

Well, I tell you. Learning (and sometime re-learning) is a never-ending journey. I’m not so egotistical that I believe I know everything about what I do and that I can’t improve on what I do know. Thus far, I’m quite pleased with what I’ve learned and re-learned from coursera.

So you’re not a writer. Your career is doing whatever. And you don’t have a ton of money laying around waiting to be spent.

That’s okay.

coursera provides a cheap alternative to taking college-level courses that concern business, computer science, the arts, and I don’t know what all. The list is pretty fricking extensive. What’s more, they partner with top universities and organizations, so what coursera provides is top-notch.

The one downside I’ve found (at least so far as the creative writing course is concerned) is the fact that you are graded by other students. Yeah, I know. What’s the point of being reviewed by peers rather than instructors? Not ideal, I’ll grant you that, but still, the feedback you get is helpful. And I suppose, given the low cost of the course ($70.00 US), expecting an instructor to grade everyone’s work is a bit too much to expect. Other than that, coursera is pretty much like any online learning host. You get your videos by an instructor explaining aspects and assignments with due dates. You do your work and you learn.

A fair deal.



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  • Sole González

    Wow… I’m also doing this courses in Coursera… now I’m going to feel somehow shy to review other peers work knowing not only English is not my mother tongue but also that there’s an awarded writer among us. Congratulations and happy to read that you’re also learning from this courses. It means the info provided is good.

  • Calasade


    Author Reply

    Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for sharing! :)

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