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There’s an old saying. Or at least I think there’s this old saying. And if there isn’t, there should be. Something like this:

You will see everything in the universe twice should you stick around long enough.

You know, meaning things come full circle.

Which brings me to Desperation by Stephen King. If you’ve read the Stand or Salem’s Lot, or pretty much any Horror story written by him based in the supernatural, you’ve read Desperation. Oh, it has a couple original twists and turns, but the nemesis (Collie Entragian) and the hero (young David Carver) have so much in common with previous King characters they may as well be mirror-images. Same goes for most of the other characters in Desperation unlucky enough to find themselves in the spooky, coyote-infested mining town of Desperation, Nevada along Highway 50 where there is a technological black hole.

Like so many of King’s tales, this one is bloated. Sometimes slow-moving. I think the only book I’ve ever read by King which didn’t at times match a turtle’s pace was the Shining. That and the Stand are my fave King stories. The Stand in particular is one of the finest tomes I’ve ever read, but seriously, what the hell kind of whacked-out coffee was SK drinking when he penned the Tommyknockers? Awful book, even by King’s own admission.

So, there in the past couple of sentences, we’ve covered King at his best and worst. With Desperation, he falls somewhere in the middle of those extremes. Right now you’re probably thinking why bother with Desperation given you’ve read the aforementioned and/or other supernatural-based King books. Should that indeed comprise your thoughts, you would be amiss.

Why, you ask.

Because, I answer, there are few authors able to write people so well. Their dreams, desires, especially their fears. King is a superb storyteller and that talent shows in Desperation.

Me, I got my copy at Amazon for the Kindle, but I’m guessing you can pretty much find this book at any retailer.

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