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Every novel is different for an author. Each comes with its own complexities and nuances. The complexities are particularly troublesome because they must not overwhelm and are often better handled with subtle gloves. I think this is true of the Fantasy genre more than any other. In a modern-day, real-life setting the author needn’t worry about too much exposition other than what relates to the character and plot, but with Fantasy, you must provide depth not just for the characters but the fictitious world in which they live that governs how the characters live.

No small feat, not beating the reader to death with details while providing them enough they feel a part of what they are reading.

With Sanguinem Isle (Fantasy in spirit but a kidnapping mystery at heart) balance wasn’t as much of an issue as it is with Impetus. See, Sanguinem is a character-driven tale only slightly influenced by external factors. Impetus, on the other hand, is driven by character, surroundings, and circumstances. Locale and political and societal structures play a huge part in determining the dangerous, perhaps idealistic and stupid path our main character, Thalarus, takes.

Poor Thalarus. He aches to be everything he is not and struggles with what makes him the person he is. His family, friends, fiancé, and all that comes with being a noble, therefore, are ironic obstacles, but the biggest problems are his compassion for those more unfortunate than he and his inability to foresee personal consequences. Or maybe he does see them and just doesn’t care. Our man is in many ways a walking contradiction.

Alongside trying to save the world, he wishes to set his aflame.

Now that you know a bit about our protagonist, without further adieu, I give you a sneak peek into Impetus. Click the PDF icon to read. Here’s hoping you enjoy it!

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