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Hello, Dear Readers.

This is a special plea. Charity Parkerson is a talented author. More importantly, she’s a great person and mother. Unfortunately, she’s run into life-threatening medical issues and needs some financial help. If you could see your way clear of donating even a few dollars towards her medical expenses, those dollars would go a long way.

Her story:

I honestly don’t know where to start. So many medical decisions led me to where I am today, there’s no real beginning. It’s more like my health fell apart and I had to trace my issues back until I discovered the problem.

I’m Charity, and I’m 38 years old. 2 years ago, I went from going to the gym 4 nights a week and taking my kids to the pool all summer to barely able to climb the stairs almost overnight. At first, I thought, “Wow, this getting old is for the birds”, but I kept getting worse until a trip to the mall turned into a trip to the ER. I’d like to say I left there knowing I’m in the first stages of heart failure, but it took over a year and three doctors for me to learn that much. My age was my biggest enemy. Most doctors didn’t think, given my otherwise good health and family history, there was any way it was that bad. The second blow came when I learned my kidneys are stage 3.

Still, there were no answers, and no matter what doctors tried, I didn’t feel any better. I was passed around, and took several trips to the ER. It was like dry-drowning. No matter how hard I tried to breathe, no oxygen came. Each doctor kept telling me, it was my heart. When blood isn’t delivered properly neither is oxygen. They kept saying this is the best I’ll ever feel. That wasn’t good enough. I knew something more was wrong. I don’t know how. I just KNEW.

So, in spite of the ever mounting doctor bills and growing collection agencies calling, I kept pushing. Mostly, I feared one night I’d slip away in my sleep, and I have kids who need me. That’s not an option. I felt it in my gut. Now, I’ve finally found a doctor who knows exactly what’s wrong, the problem is, treatment is expensive when your insurance is like mine—so high deductible it doesn’t pay anything. I hoped I’d never see the day I’d have to ask for help, but I don’t have a choice.

Turns out, years ago when I stopped sleeping at night it wasn’t insomnia. It was me going into distress every time I fell asleep. As my doctor put it, my brain said, “Wake up! You’re dying.” The sleeping pill I was prescribed, said, “Stay asleep no matter what.” My organs couldn’t and can’t withstand the strain. Without treatment, I will die, and that’s not an option.

No matter how much it pains me, I’m begging for help. I’ve kept working, sometimes even 18 hour days, trying to do this alone, but I’m failing, and can’t keep it up. When this started, I didn’t have health insurance at all. The hospital visits, specialists, and ridiculously expensive testing has put me 45K in debt. I decided to go for 10K in fundraising, because even that seems like an impossible goal at this point, but I need to try. Any help is more appreciated than you’ll ever know. I also hope people will read this, and think twice before allowing a doctor to blindly prescribe something without proper testing, and if you know in your gut something isn’t right…fight!


Again, anything and everything helps.

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