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It is with no small amount of pleasure that I introduce to you Calasade: Impetus, the next novel to be published in the Calasade series. As you may or may not know, Dear Reader, each installment is a stand-alone. Now, that doesn’t mean the characters from one book to the next won’t be the same. They will in some cases, especially following the release (Devota) after Impetus. Most stories will be descendants of preceding tales. Still, you don’t have to read from Book #1 to understand what’s going on in any of them. This is quite intentional, let me tell you. I myself am a voracious reader and yet find it daunting to begin a series when I see thirteen releases already exist.

Impetus is a different than was Sanguinem Isle in several aspects, but the biggest revolves around the main character. He for Impetus is not broken. Neither is he aged. Young and fiery are good words to describe him. Foolish, of course, as are we all when young. Rambunctious and fears naught. His name?


He has a tendency to get into trouble (he swears by the gods that trouble finds him, but such statements are lies). This adopted son of a nobilis has everything a person starting life as an adult could want. Riches, a name, a beautiful and passionate woman, promise of land. Yet he would throw all that away right alongside civitas (citizen rights) for a chance at glory fighting in the arena. Ancient Romans would call his kind gladiator, but in Calasade, those who battle in amphitheatrae are called harenarae (of or pertaining to the sand).

Now, I could go on, but would simply spoil things were I to do so. Just wanted to say, really, I’m pretty far along in the writing stage, and wished to show off the cover.

Click on the following to see the cover in full-size. :)

Calasade: Impetus

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